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Standard Visor

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Wide Brim Visor

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No Visor

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Chin Guard

One helmet, four different looks.

ARRO is the only equestrian helmet with both SNELL certification and MIPS. 

The ARRO helmet features a patented interchangable visor and chin guard system for the ultimate combination of safety, versatility and looks.

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Size Guide

Helmet Features

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Unboxing Helmet

" I’m lucky enough to wear an ARRO helmet at work everyday where I ride racehorses, pre trainers & breakers. There safety features are second to none, including MIPS, SNELL standard, Carbon Fibre, Detachable/ breakaway visor, Fidlock quick release buckle, Dual EPS densities. These helmets are also stylish for when I am Eventing!!" Jordan Smyth

Safety Standards Explained.

Rider safety and injury prevention is paramount to the development of the ARRO helmet. That's why we place such significant importance on achieving the SNELL safety rating, often regarded as the pinnacle of safety standards, for our helmets.

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Equitana Innovation Award 2022

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